Wednesday, January 26, 2011

configuring tomcat with online banking system academic project

please copy the project folder named "online banking" in your tomacat webapps folder
and please try to connect the the database with your system.please follow the instructions given below.

for establishing database connectivity in windows 98 please do the instruction given below.

select conrtol panel

select odbcdata source administrator and select db2

then select system dsn as mqis

create new data data source as microsoft access(*.mdb)

another window named 'ODBC Microsoft Access Setup' will be opened as shown below.on that window type 'bank' as data Source Name

by clicking SELECT button it opens another window 'SELECT DATABASE' shown as below.

now the database( which is copied in c:/program files/apache software foundation/tomcat 5.5/web-apps/online banking/obank folder ie; in our project's obank folder contains an mdb file named database) is selected and then click OK button

the dsn name 'bank ' is created.

now switching on tomcat webserver ( i assume you have istalled tomcat 5 or above version is installed in your system) .please start your tomcat server.

open the internet explorer or mozilla firefox browser and type the url .your project will be loaded

http://localhost:8080/online banking/htmls/firstload.html

next => click here to view login page and java codes of online banking java academic project

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