Wednesday, March 2, 2011



In the previous centuries communication between people is distant places was difficult. Man has always overcome his difficulties by his innovative ideas. In the earlier days there were postmen who would run for miles to deliver a letter. Later automobiles were invented; trains and aero planes were soon to follow.

The invention of the Telephone and Television were next to follow. The present centaury we live in has been remarkable in its contribution to the development of the IT industry. In the late 80’s and the early 90’s the concept of standalone PC gave way to a broader outlook, the networked computers. It not only made the transactions between offices (through WAN) but also much faster. Networking also reduced the overhead of going places in order to accomplish tasks. The concept of networked computers eventually mushroomed into the Internet. A lot of excitement is generated with the convolution of multi-media PC and the World Wide Web. The full potential of this merger is still to be tapped.

Imagine a world where what we do in a day will depend on the Internet. Now even the education is conducted through

Internet. There are so many applications of Internet in the field of education such as On-Line Distance Education, On-

Line Examination, On-Line registration etc. Through On-Line, we can save time, avoid a long journey; also we can save money, etc.

This project entitled “On-Line University” is an attempt to help the students who wish to register for a course at any college under the University of ABCD. Those students can register with the University through On-Line without going to the University.

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