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Operations in the Existing System


The students those who are looking for pursuing a course at any college under the ABCD University has to pass the qualifying examination or any other examination, recognized by this University as equivalent to it, with a minimum of 55% marks. Relaxation of marks will be allowed to SC/ST students. Even if the student has passed the qualifying course he/she must also have attained the minimum age prescribed for admission to the course.

Apart from this at the time of admission the students are required to present their transfer certificate (T.C) and a conduct certificate from the institution they have last studied. If student is an over aged private S.S.L.C holder then that student is exempted from producing the Transfer Certificate at the time of admission in the affiliated colleges and also for Private Registrations. If the student had studied in an institution outside the territorial jurisdiction of this University and presently he/she wish to seek admission to a College/Institution or any of the University’s Departments of Study and Research in this University, in addition to the above said requirements they should also produce a Migration Certificate.

The students shall also produce an Eligibility Certificate that can be had from the Registrar by submitting an application form with a prescribed fee. Candidates who migrate from other Universities should register as matriculates of this University at the time of admission by paying the prescribed fee. If one fails to produce the Migration Certificate as requested by the University, then he/she will not be allowed to take any examination of this University. Admission to colleges or other institutions under the University will not be permitted after two months from the date of reopening of the college or University Department concerned, except with the previous permission of this University. However, he/she may be permitted to join the certain part-time courses conducted by the University or by a college affiliated to this University or by a Center for study and research of this University. No Candidate who has passed an examination from this University or from any other University shall be permitted to take an examination of this University or to join the course leading to that Examination or part or parts thereof which is considered lower than the one he has passed

Draw backs of the Existing System

The main problem with the existing system is that it takes so long for completing the registration process. Also there may cause the problem of losing application or registration forms while sending the forms to and fro. Besides all that, all the databases of these students have to be entered in to the computer by the data entry operator and it is a tedious as well as a time consuming process. Here also errors-like unfilled columns in the forms, losing data, etc may occur while creating the databases for the students. If anyone’s form is not filled completely, his or her registration or application form will not be taken into consideration.

In the case of admission, students are not aware of the number of seats available in each college for a certain course. Difficulty arises when the student came to know that the college to which he/she applied for a certain course does not have sufficient number of seats. In such cases, again, the student has to submit another admission form, for which he/she has to follow all the rules and formalities that the student had done when applied for the first time. As far as a student is concerned, it is all time consuming processes and they have to wait till for a replay from the University/College authorities.

While applying for an exam, students have to submit all the examination forms and the exam fee receipt before the date. This is very difficult for the students those who are coming from very long distance and from outside state.

Proposed System and its Advantages

If the University has On-Line services, the above-mentioned problems will be solved to some extend. Students can register for a course through on-line thereby they can avoid the missing of forms, waiting so long for the replay, etc. Through on-line, students can fill up the registration form and it can be send within a fraction of a second. While doing on-line registration, students cannot leave any columns as blank, as the system reminds them of that. So the students can avoid such mistakes that might be leading to the cancellation of their registration. As soon as the students registered for the course, they will get the further information from the University at once.

With the help of On-Line registration, the students need not wait for days or weeks for the result. While doing On-Line registration, the students will be informed of their college, their course, their admission number, their registration number etc. Also when students are registering through On-Line, they have to fill up their academic details, personal details, mark lists, etc in the registration form. So the details in the forms are directly going to the server of the University so that the university needn’t have to create a separate database for the student.

The proposed system offers on - line facilities like viewing the Course details, College details, Exam results, Registration for both Admission and Examinations etc. In the administration side, the administrator can enter new details such as adding new colleges, allotting seats, entering new course details, entering exam results etc.




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